"Double NEW" Level 3.2 "Reference Series" Analog RCA Interconnects (starting at $200/pair): A stereo pair of ANTICABLES Interconnects which will enable line level analog connections between components.

Just a few weeks after announcing the 3.1 improvement, as described below in RED text, we have made further improvements which bring us up to Level 3.2 as described below in BLUE text.

Our new Level 3.1 interconnect use our new better sounding ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal wire which replaces the original Level 3's 100% silver wire. Adding a small amount of Gold eliminates the sonic signature of Silver, leaving only the music to be heard. We kept the price the same, but the performance is greater.

We absolutely love the sound of this new ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold wire. These (and our Level 4.2 and 5.2 ICs with the Silver and Pure Harmony RCA plugs), are the new interconnects to beat. We are confident you will enjoy them.

Our "Double NEW" Level 3.2 version also incorporates the newly available and better sounding Keith Louis Eichmann Copper Harmony plugs, which outperform his original Bullet plugs.

We have again kept the price the same, but you get both the better sounding Copper Harmony plugs and the better sounding ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal wire.

Learn more about the new Copper Harmony plugs HERE.



·         Starts at only $200/pair

·         30 day risk free trial

·         "NEW" Keith Louis Eichmann Copper Harmony RCA Plugs

·         "NEW" ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy signal conductors

·         Made in USA (one pair at a time in Lake Elmo MN)


Sound Improvements over Level 2.2 Performance Series:

·         More resolving of textural and tactile information

·         They allow you to hear not just the musical instruments, but also how they are being played

·         Greater resolution also provides a bigger and deeper soundstage


Sound Improvements over former Level 3 versions:

·         The sonic signature of 100% silver wire is now removed

·         The highs no longer sound a bit "hard", "forward", or "bright"

·         Highs remain naturally "soft" and deep in the soundstage where they belong

·         More resolving of musical information makes music more involving

·         Level 3 owners can upgrade to Level 3.2 for 1/2 price.


Additional Features:

·         No thick plastic jacketing, which adds dielectric effect distortion and smears the audio signal

·         Double shielded option is available for use with turntables or when extra RFI/EMI protection may be needed. Click on thumbnail photo just below the "ADD TO BAG" button for more details.

·         Sound less like a cable and more like real music than cables costing many times more


Priority Mail shipping is a Flat Rate no matter how much product order:

US = $8

Canada = $22

International = $29


To Order:

1.    Scroll up to the gray box Select length

2.    Select any other options if needed

3.    Click "ADD TO BAG"

4.    Continue shopping or check out

5.    If you don't have a Paypal account, you can use your Credit Card as a Paypal "guest"


Upgrade Paths:

·         The Level 4.2 "Reference PLUS" Analog RCA Interconnects (starting at $230/pr), also utilizes our new ACElectrum™ Silver/Gold alloy conductors which are more resolving of textural and tactual information, "plus" the new Silver Harmony plugs which are more resolving.

·         The Level 5.2 "PURE Reference" Analog RCA Interconnects (starting at $260/pr), continues to utilize our excellent new ACElectrum™Silver/Gold alloy signal wire, but also adds the even better sounding PURE Harmony RCA plugs

·         The Level 6.2 "ABSOLUTE Signature" Analog RCA Interconnects (starting at $420/pr), combines the best sounding RCA plugs in the world (KLEI's ABSOLUTE-Harmony plugs), along with the best sounding interconnect wire we have ever heard (our ACElectrum™ Reference Silver/Gold alloy signal wire), which is configured in our new Delineated Weave™ and DoubleBack™ shield topologies.  A world-class interconnect that we are confident will stand up against the best of the best; and will do so for a few hundred (not a few thousand) dollars.


Design Concept:

Typical interconnect cables usually have a signal wire surrounded with a thick plastic dielectric material, which is then surrounded by the ground conductor to shield it from EMI/RFI noise, and then more plastic dielectric material. This typical approach has the usual drawbacks of accumulating a lot of dielectric effect distortion, and an accumulation of shunting capacitance. The ANTICABLES Analog RCA Interconnects use a different approach. Since air is a near perfect dielectric, no extra insulation dielectric material (beyond the thin red coating) is used, and the wires are suspended in free air. Eliminating dielectric effect distortion is what allows these interconnects to sound like music, (not a cable).

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Level 3.2 Reference Series RCA Analog Interconnects

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