Ayon Cables – Pearl series

Almost daily we are confronted by our worldwide customers with the question which cable would be most appropriate or best sounding for their Ayon installation.

Unfortunately, there is no “best” cable and will never be!

Every cable has different effects on the sound produced by the speakers and devices and their electrical interrelations.

The composition of the cable design, its materials, construction and circuitry are decisive for the tonal properties of cables.

I.e. the overall design and the interaction such as type and quality of the materials, the inner construction consisting of the combination, position and shielding of the signalling lines as well as last but not east the wiring of the components amongst each other and the plug connectors determine the effectiveness and quality of the cable.

Well, after 10 years of cable-absence we have decides to restart a small hand-made high-end series of cables. After endless and tedious listening tests and year-long experiments again and again we have made comparisons; now we believe to have created an “optimum” connector according to our tonal imagination, the Ayon “Pearl” series. The “Pearl”-series is a new development and was composed to an overall concept by different developers in meticulous work and fine tuning of all components. The “Pearl” cables are uncompromising using both exquisite conductive materials consisting of gold, silver, and rhodium and extremely oxygen-free copper, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), and special shielding materials as well as in their composition.

Our year-long experience designing benchmark setting tube devices and loudspeakers have been introduced into the realization of our tonal imagination of cables.

It is our passion to create equipment, loudspeakers, and cables for the audiophile enthusiast contributing to not only experience reproduced musical events “live” in the sense of a direct emotional musicality of a concert event, but also to make available the tonal possibilities of technically perfectly recorded music with the same perfection.

Pearl - Interconnect

Pearl - Interconnect

The Pearl series Signal cables feature a 5 conductors geometry. Two of the conductors are dedicated ..

Pearl - LAN

Pearl - LAN

The Pearl series LAN cables feature a 12 conductors geometry. Eight of the conductors are dedicated ..

Pearl - Speaker

Pearl - Speaker

The Pearl series speaker cables feature a 5 conductors geometry. Two of the conductors are dedicated..

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