Ayon CD-Player / DAC Design

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Salzburg
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Salzburg

Ayon has established a new performance standard for digital products with high-gain “vacuum-tube output stage” in their class. The Ayon CD-Players are a remarkable union of innovative design concepts and refinements of existing technologies.

The benefits of our beautiful solid, rigid and non-resonant aluminium-anodized chassis are immediately audible compared with some sheet metal structures or poor thin aluminium chassis employed by most manufacturers. The 6H30 high-current tube remains the anchor for our super efficient analog “high-gain” output stage. (Shortest possible signal path – which is always the best)
Critical components are selected according to listening tests and technical performance without regard for cost.

Every Ayon CD-Player delivers the emotional power of music with a visceral impact, springy-deep bass, warm and fluid mid-range, high frequencies are never harsh or strident, and they have a natural grace – a glistening life-like presentation.
Image reproduction is exceptionally three dimensional with the most subtle spatial energy suddenly revealed. It will, in Ayon tradition, provide a lifetime of consistent excellence.

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